About Keep It Personal

Great design meets personalisation – for you.

Keep It Personal is a fresh and innovative brand that does things differently.

We strive to offer unique and personalised designs that are tailor made to you and your taste.  Why buy a plain phone cover when you can have a beautifully designed cover that reflects your own personality? Or a weekend travel bag that’s the same as everyone else’s when you can have a beautifully handcrafted bag, personalised the way you want it!

Why buy a baseball cap that everyone else has when you can have your own initials in fantastic varsity style letters?

Our aim is to provide products that are interesting, of high quality and also personalised.

At Keep it Personal you can create your own brand with the personalisation you want.

We will always give our customers value for money.  Our products are different, great value and personal!!

We hope you find our site easy to use. Just follow the prompts in each section and you’ll be fine.  And of course we would love your feedback at any time.

KIP Team