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    Men’s Nautical Polo Shirt


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As Australians we’re born and raised around the ocean, with Keep it Personal’s nautical range we have paid homage to our love for the seaside. While only a true yachtsmen can likely decipher the intricate array of nautical symbols, that make up nautical alphabet, by customising your clothes with our nautical flags, you too, can express your love of the beach in a truly personal way. Perfect for spending days on the beach or out on boats our nautical range is the ideal summer clothing line. At Keep it personal we continue to come up with new and creative ways to customise your clothes and items and our nautical range is a fine example of this.
Men will love our polo and rugby jumper featuring our personalised nautical flags, use our alphabet to decipher your initials and ensure your top is distinctly personal. Our signature polo style is a classic look, complemented by the simplicity of the nautical symbols. This makes it a perfect summer option, easily dressed down for a day on the beach with a pair of our personalised mens pants or dressed up for a dinner with a pair of jeans. For those cold summer evenings spent lounging on the deck or enjoying sunsets on the beach, the rugby is the perfect lightweight jumper to beat the chill.
For the girls, we have a range of options featuring our nautical symbols. Our tee shirts are perfect for long days at the beach, while our polo dress is a more sophisticated option for summer occasions. The classic white look makes for an elegant design which complements the colours of the symbols.
Similarly, for long days in the sun our nautical cap is the perfect choice. Made from heavy brushed cotton our caps are both comfortable and durable, making them perfect for all ages and genders. This also makes them perfect for the harsh Aussie sun and ensures our hats will stand up against the Australian summer.