Tops (Men)

Do you want to stand out this summer?

Get your very own personalised men’s tops, made from the highest quality cotton and perfect for any occasion. Keep It Personal has you covered for sweltering summers and cold winters, with our wide range of men’s tops you will be sure to find the perfect garment for any situation.

Our men’s polos made from 100% cotton and complete with your very own customised initials and logo, perfect for the Australian summer. They are the ideal versatile item, dressed up with a pair of pants, or easily dressed down for the beach with a pair of shorts. For a more relaxed beach setting, the long sleeve tees- made from soft cotton, for comfort- are perfect for long days in the sun. Make it your very own by adding your surname, nickname or favourite beach spot!

For those chilly nights or cold winter days, you can’t go past the men’s rugby or varsity jumper garments. With countless options to customize your jumper, including personalised logos, nautical flags and lettering options, there is a design to suit everyone. Made from the highest quality cotton, they not only look amazing, but will also keep you warm and snug. For the coldest of nights, the men’s varsity tops, with their toasty fleece lining are the perfect option to beat the chill. These really are a must have, the only decision now, is between the smaller, more subtle lettering or larger bold text options!

Not quite cold enough for the fleece, the personalised rugby jumper is your perfect middle ground. Complete with ribbed collars and cuff, they are made for those brisk summer evenings spent on the beach or back deck. The hardest decision will be between what design you want embroidered onto your very own personalised rugby jumper to ensure it’s just right for you.